About PrettyKitty

I have an affinity for cute and cuddly characters and bold colors that are designed to make you smile. My specialty includes anthropomorphic animal characters as my subjects. If you want to know more information on me and my artwork, check out my about me page!

My Illustrations

I work in a variety of media. From acrylic and watercolor to digital media. No matter the method, My vibrant illustrations are sure to make you smile. Choose between my digital or my traditional illustrations.

Exclusive Content & Tutorials

Every month, a brand new tutorial, walkthrough or step-by-step process of a painting is updated to this very archive. They range from tutorials, to real-time painting videos to many more! Exclusively for those on my email list.

My Materials

Here is a guide of all of my materials I use to create my work, from paintbrushes to programs to art books to tutorials.

The Art Shop

Browse available original artwork, sketches, books & More!

My Youtube Channel

Twice a week, I teach and give artistic advice on my Youtube channel. I share my struggles as an artist, and what I've done to overcome those problems. Expect vlogs, tutorials, speedpaints and chats called #PrettyKittyConversations.

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