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“Unconditional Comfort” – Dragon Fantasy Watercolor Painting 11 x 14in on Canvas


“Unconditional Comfort” is an original watercolor piece best suited for bedrooms of children or those that love dragons, fantasy, and heartwarming stories.

This watercolor painting tells the story of a dragoness mother, comforting her cranky, wailing toddler just before bed with a lick on his head.

This painting is currently on hold for my Art Book Kickstarter: Awakening

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As a child, my nickname was “The Screamer“. If I wanted a bottle, I’d scream, if I wanted my pacifier, I’d wail.

Hearing that only makes me wonder how unconditional my parent’s love for me was. This painting is highlighting the mothers in the world. No matter what struggles they face, they’re there for us. My mother has gone through the worst and back to give me and my sister everything she could and more. And I am so grateful for that.

Thank you mom, for everything you do.

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Dimensions 11 × 14 in


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