“The Perfect Pumpkin” – 9x12in Acrylic Painting on Canvas


“What about this pumpkin?”  Arthur questioned.

“…No.. it doesn’t… speak to me…” Abigail said, straightening up her glasses on her face.

“Abbie… pumpkins can’t speak…”

The pair of chipmunks have been tasked by their mom to look for the very best pumpkin to showcase in their family’s home. They have been searching pumpkin piles  for hours, to no avail. Each acre showed no success.

“Okay.. what about… this one?” Arthur asked, becoming annoyed.

“Mmmmh, too shiny. Just like the other ones!” Abigail exclaimed.

“Abbie, they’re all shiny! Let’s just pick one and go home..” Arthur sighed, feeling exhausted.

Abigail began climbing up the final pumpkin stack looking one last time. She was determined to find the pumpkin with the most character to have in her family’s home. Something that resonated with her, that.. spoke to her.

“Oh, oh, oooh! LOOK!” Abbie squealed as she frantically kept climbing.

“This pumpkin is… dull… it has marks on it.. ooh, but such a curly stem! It’s so.. different!

Artie! I found it! I found the perfect pumpkin!

Because it’s different, just like me.”



I am a different person.

I am a very different person.

As a child, being different was subject to ridicule. I would love to tell every child in the world to find that thing that makes you different, and embrace it. Look at others and love their differences, because that’s what makes them beautiful.

When I went to pumpkin patches as a kid, I would love to find the most wacky and crazy pumpkins to take home with me. They resonated with me and it felt as if they understood what it was like to be different in such a perfect-seeming world.

“The Perfect Pumpkin” is an acrylic painting on canvas. It paints the story of a chipmunk finding and embracing her differences through nature and encourages all little ones to do the same!

Perfect for a child’s bedroom.


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