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“Fae” – Anthro Deer Fantasy Watercolor Painting 11 x 14in on Canvas



Let me show you a place untouched by man.

A place that provides everything we need.

A place filled with nature’s bounty.

Our “Garden of Eden”.

Do you wish to follow?”


This painting is currently on hold for my Art Book Kickstarter: Awakening 

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This fantasy watercolor painting shows my obsession with magical forests, fairies, and whimsical lands. There’s something full of mystery about it. This is why Studio Ghibli movies featuring landscapes and beautiful nature was a huge influence on my creativity.

“Fae” is my first traditional painting with true 3-dimensional texture to the surface. I was able to experiment with texture using Qor Light Dimensional Watercolor ground. This is the first of many paintings that will feature a tactile element to the painting. With that being said, I plan on creating a series inspired by “Fae”.

This fantasy watercolor painting perfect for a little girl’s bedroom. The dreamer, the wanderer, fascinated by the beauty around her.

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Dimensions 11 × 14 in