Digital Portrait
Per Character
Per Character
Painted Avatar
Per Character

Illustration Specs

*Perfect for book illustrations, visual development, storytelling.

*The MOST immersive way to bring ideas to life!

*Add Simple Background +$30

*Add Detailed Background +$60

Digital Portrait Specs

*Perfect for character biographies, badges for fan conventions, invitations, or more!

*Add Simple Background +$30

*Add Detailed Background +$60

Sketch Specs

*Full Body

*Rough concepts that do not need to be brought to final color.

*Great for character designs or the beginning stages of visual development.

Painted Avatar Specs

*Small, easy to use images.

*Perfect for forums, profile pictures, and social media.

"Working with PK on my icon commission was amazing. The communication was excellent, as she's very friendly and open to ideas and her response time is very reasonable.

I was very pleased to be presented with multiple variations in the sketch stage to ensure I received a piece I was 110% happy with. The quality of the icon itself was also very high res and absolutely stunning.  I would highly recommend anyone to commission PrettyKitty."

~'Stina Hererra



A note on pricing:

Please note that these are base prices and do not include layout, graphic design, or character designs. The prices are based off of personal, non-commercial use only. Prices are reflected on a project-by-project basis depending on the needs of you, my client. If you have any questions at any time, please do not hesitate to contact me.