Musical Disposition

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I had a wonderful opportunity to provide artwork for a convention near my area called Tora-Con, an anime, video-game and Japanese pop and culture convention held in Rochester, New York. Last year they released their four mascots, one of them being Sugi, a white tiger character. It was extremely fun trying my hand at illustrating him and it won me free admission for the con this year! (Which may I say, I had a blast!)

I have to say, when I look at conventions and anything really I’m interested in the visuals. That’s stimulates me to look more into what a company, group, or event has to offer. I definitely want to spread my work to other conventions and groups looking to use my work to promote themselves. It seems like an awesome way to give cons some eye-candy.

By the way, you should definitely check out Tora-Con and what they have planned for 2017!

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Thank You for the Sun

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A digital portrait piece showcasing one of my few characters, Jaysu. It was nice to be able to mess around with color and painting feathers. I’m still working on a way to develop my painting style. I hope my next project allows me to challenge my artistic talents some more!

This piece was inspired by the walks to and from work. With the changing season from Spring to Summer, the weather has been so clear and beautiful and I wanted to showcase just that.

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