Selling Art Offline

How to Start Selling Your Art OFFLINE

It’s already a doozy starting to sell your work online, but selling your work personally might be able to net you quicker results. If you want to sell your art, the first thing I suggest you do, dear artist, is to take a look at the style of artwork that you do, and see what places accommodate your style.

For example, I’m an illustrator. My work is shown best at anime and video game conventions. Artist Alleys are what they’re called.

I also have the wonderful yet frustrating pleasure of being niched down to the furry community. That makes me stand out even more so at these anime and game conventions.

Going to conventions for the first year or so might not be profitable. You may make only a sale or two. However, you will be able to get to know people, everyday people that will appreciate speaking with you. You will get to gauge how the audience reacts to your art. You will be able to understand who is in your target market.


What is this…“Target Market?”

Your target market is a group of people or a demographic that is interested in your work. They have a set of interests, personality traits, and mannerisms that mesh with what you bring to the table. Selling online or off. When I go to these cons, I take into consideration who these people are, how they react to my work, and why they might do so. I still have a little trouble on figuring this out, but when you find a solid target market, you’ll know what products to make, the style to make it, and how to sell it.


When Selling Offline, Keep this in Mind:

You are there to make a connection. Bring value into a passerby’s life. People may not even remember what you sell, however they will always remember how you made them feel. Do your best to maximize these connections. Because if you keep going back to these conventions year after year, you will soon grow and people will follow you.

I’ve have many times where someone said “Hey! I remember you from last year!” These are the types of people that bring their friends over to my table, and someone buys something from me.

Having that personal connection with people is key to selling your work. Doing so offline makes that part a bit easier.

Want to learn more about the Artist Alley and sell more art? There’s a lot of prep work that goes to selling your work offline. If you are interested in tackling the artist alley world, I write a lot about it on my blogs as well as video about it on my YouTube channel.

Check out my Artist Alley Playlist for beginners!

Let me know if you have any questions, and I’ll be happy to answer them.

Have a PrettyKitty Kind of Day,


Art Inspiration is Everyhwere. Yes, Even in Winter.

​​​Being a city girl, experiencing different areas is something that I treasure the most.

I see so many cars and people and buildings that it all looks the same to me. After watching a few videos of artists exploring different areas and reading about some were able to transform a photo into a new painting, I had to do this myself.

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Finding a Purpose as a Black Artist

If you haven’t met me before or saw any of my videos, there’s one thing that sets me apart from many people…

…I’m…I’m black. *GASP!*

All jokes aside, there is a lot of under representation of people like me in the black community and in the art community. Where I come from, I don’t see many, if any successful black men and women during my commutes. I don’t see them happy and thriving. I see them surviving, downtrodden doing what they can to keep their bodies afloat.

I remember riding the bus on my way home one day. It was 12:30pm, lunchtime for those that work Downtown, and with the hustle and bustle of professionals coming from their offices to grab a bite I noticed something… Not a brown person in sight.

I happened to look around in the bus, and surrounding me were people of dark hues.

That got me thinking. I started making observations during my commutes in my city.

A majority of homeless men and women in my city are black.

A majority of people that take the public transportation are black.

I remember recalling only two teachers of mine in my entire school career that were black. This includes middle-school all the way up to college.

It’s something to easily gloss over, but when something like this is prevalent in your everyday life, where you aren’t surrounded by successful, happy people of your kind: Teachers, professors, artists, role models, it can twist your psyche. Whether you realize it or not.

I went to a minority business expo last Saturday and it was… phenomenal. Words couldn’t explain my feelings as the day progressed. Excited? Enlightened? Empowered? All of the above and then some?!

To see so many black and brown faces, dressed for success, with degrees, professions, business names, and business cards, God, It was such a breath of fresh air.

To see people, like me, making something of themselves.

To see people, like me, carry themselves with poise, with articulate speech, yet never forgot where they came from.

To see people, like me, exude so much love, positivity and.. business sense! Ugh, the business sense!

That. In of it’s own was life-changing. To meet and be a part of a large, influential group of strong, black men and women. Older, and my age, doing what it takes to succeed. To change our community. So many bright ideas, untapped potential. Some people were blossoming, and others were just starting to bud. Words could not explain the high I got just from being a part of #MBEES.

I realized due to us being so underrepresented in our communities at home, in the art communities abroad, I need to be someone known to other girls and black artists like me. Because believe it or not, growing up with a role model that looks like you, speaks like you, and understands you can be the most powerful thing in the world.



Is Tracing Cheating in Art?

I am a firm believer that using photos and other media for inspiration, posing, and referencing is highly beneficial. Ideas need to come from somewhere. As an artist, I can’t pull poses, anatomy, and environments out of my head, and I definitely can’t pull them out of my ass! I don’t know where this stigma against using references came from, but it needs to stop.

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Networking is Crucial for Illustrators. Here’s Why.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the saying “it’s who you know” in show biz. Well, that applies to the illustration biz as well. Making connections is the best thing you can do for your business and your quality of life. When you make new friends, colleagues, and acquaintances, not only can you bring value to them, but they can do the same for you.

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How to Find an Illustrator to Hire

Are you a writer? An author? A person who forms ideas into words? You might need a creative companion. Someone who forms your literary ideas into something… visual.

You need an artist. But not just any artist. You need someone who is competent, who knows their value, and knows that the possibility of teaming up with you will benefit you and them. You also need an artist who can use your hard-earned money and ensure you seeking out their talent was the best decision you ever made.

You need a hireable artist.

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Believe in Syracuse Recap

On January 29th, an event called Believe in Syracuse’s 4th Birthday Party was hosted. Held by a group who wants nothing but innovative business and economic growth for the city of Syracuse. With that being said, they gave out opportunities to network and meet other locals in the area! Who knows? Maybe I had something of value to someone, and someone else had something of value to me! The beauty of networking. I had my best friend with me and the boyfriend for emotional support. I’m so happy I didn’t do it alone.  Continue reading “Believe in Syracuse Recap”


I’ll be at the Winter Maker’s Market!

What’s better than that? There’s going to be 19 other artists struttin’ their stuff alongside me! There’s going to be art, live music, and a cash bar located at the highly renowned Dinosaur BBQ in downtown Syracuse.

Now, I could go on and on about how kickass this event is going to be, but that ruins the surprise! It’s 100% free to attend, so if you’re in the area, there’s no reason why I shouldn’t see you there!

Come give some of that local love <3

Date:        Saturday Feb 04, 2017
Time:       5:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Address: Dinosaur BBQ – 246 East Willow Street, Syracuse, New York, 13202

Please check it out!