Exhibitor Portfolio

Hi there,

My name is Melquea Smith and I am a furry and fantasy illustrator. If you haven’t seen in my digital and traditional portfolio, I specialize in adorable animal characters with sweet stories designed to make you smile.

Here is my list of products for retail at artist alleys, tradeshows, and events.


1” and 1.5”. I might branch into larger buttons!

Positive affirmations is what I specialize in. “I am Black, I am Beautiful” or “I Matter”, all something I would have wanted when I was younger. Now I get to spread that joy and have people wear good vibes with PRIDE!

Button Packs

These button packs correspond with their original painting. I broke down each painting into the central theme I wanted to convey and worked accordingly. “Radiance” (center) illustrates the story of a young panther who overcame fragile self-esteem and learned to love herself. Curves and all.


A part of my “I Am” series.

More positive affirmation quotes tied into their respective paintings. Every piece has a different moral with a different cozy feeling attached to it. These prints are small, personal ways to have that extra boost of positivity in one’s life.

Custom Journals

I will sell two variations. Small kraft notebooks hand-inked with black, white and gold ink, adorned with a golden spine. Individually packaged with love.

The next one will be printed, and embellished with gold ink. Also individually packaged with love.

Grab Bags

This will contain a healthy amount of products from my current stock as well as stock made specifically for those grab bags. I am still in the research phase on how to make them bigger and better!

Separated into three categories

Baby Bear – set of buttons

Momma Bear – set of buttons, a print, and a commission

and Papa Bear – an original painting, 2 prints, a custom notebook and set of buttons

Original Paintings

These babies are going to need their forever home, so I will be also using the paintings as a way to draw attention as well as find them to a wall where they will be loved.

Plans for the Future

I plan on expanding, and now that I have a successful event under my belt, I’m ready to do the next best thing. I have a tendency for practical items and things I would use. So stationary, pens and pencils, journals, and notebooks are on my radar.

I want to get into smaller items such as stickers that can be paired with my journals. Bookmarks done in a very unconventional way to pair with my journals.

I am also getting into jewelry and I am formulating plans and blueprints on getting that done.

My Display

I love creating and designing environments. I want to be set apart from the rest. Therefore my display is a unconventional and builds the PrettyKitty brand.

Thank you for your time, and I can’t wait to be a part of your event.

Melquea Smith