When You’re Doubting Your First Big Project

*Reading Time: < 1 minute*

At the time of writing this, it’s January 17th. 14 days before the Kickstarter for my first art book launches, and my mind is swirling with negative thoughts and feelings.

“Your work isn’t good enough”

“Why are you launching on this date?”

“People won’t pay for this.”

“You barely have a following, how is this going to work?”

“Who will this reach?”

“What happens when you fail? All that time, effort and declining client work will catch up to you. ”

Man, it’s getting crazy up in my noggin.

I’m doing everything I can to stay afloat. I’m asking for feedback, I’m looking for ways to improve, I’m making sure my Kickstarter page is as good as it can be. But those nuggets of negative thoughts keep popping in my head.

It’s a mix of anticipation and self doubt that is clouding my judgement.

I have to realize that I can’t get everything right.

Sure, I’ll screw up, but that’s okay. I’ll make it better the next day.


So, if you’re working on a huge project, and you’re starting to get those dark thoughts in the back of you mind, I wanted to say this: It’s okay if you make mistakes. You can’t get it all right, especially if you’re a first-time creator.

Keep going at it.

Your people need your work.


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