How to Start Selling Your Art OFFLINE

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It’s already a doozy starting to sell your work online, but selling your work personally might be able to net you quicker results. If you want to sell your art, the first thing I suggest you do, dear artist, is to take a look at the style of artwork that you do, and see what places accommodate your style.

For example, I’m an illustrator. My work is shown best at anime and video game conventions. Artist Alleys are what they’re called.

I also have the wonderful yet frustrating pleasure of being niched down to the furry community. That makes me stand out even more so at these anime and game conventions.

Going to conventions for the first year or so might not be profitable. You may make only a sale or two. However, you will be able to get to know people, everyday people that will appreciate speaking with you. You will get to gauge how the audience reacts to your art. You will be able to understand who is in your target market.


What is this…“Target Market?”

Your target market is a group of people or a demographic that is interested in your work. They have a set of interests, personality traits, and mannerisms that mesh with what you bring to the table. Selling online or off. When I go to these cons, I take into consideration who these people are, how they react to my work, and why they might do so. I still have a little trouble on figuring this out, but when you find a solid target market, you’ll know what products to make, the style to make it, and how to sell it.


When Selling Offline, Keep this in Mind:

You are there to make a connection. Bring value into a passerby’s life. People may not even remember what you sell, however they will always remember how you made them feel. Do your best to maximize these connections. Because if you keep going back to these conventions year after year, you will soon grow and people will follow you.

I’ve have many times where someone said “Hey! I remember you from last year!” These are the types of people that bring their friends over to my table, and someone buys something from me.

Having that personal connection with people is key to selling your work. Doing so offline makes that part a bit easier.

Want to learn more about the Artist Alley and sell more art? There’s a lot of prep work that goes to selling your work offline. If you are interested in tackling the artist alley world, I write a lot about it on my blogs as well as video about it on my YouTube channel.

Check out my Artist Alley Playlist for beginners!

Let me know if you have any questions, and I’ll be happy to answer them.

Have a PrettyKitty Kind of Day,

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