How to Become A Happier Artist

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Artists are fickle. Our inspiration is fickle, our sense of self can come as fast as it goes. One thing that I’ve noticed around the art community is the sheer amount of people unhappy with themselves and their work. There’s so many people that complain about their lack of improvement in their art, as well as the many mental troubles they face because of it.‚Äč

In order to become a happier artist, you’re definitely going to have to check yourself before you spiral downward.


Compare yourself with only yourself.

You want to measure how far you’ve grown. It’s unfair to that you have to surpass someone who already has an advantage over you. Use your previous self as a starting point. While your future self will be the end point.  You will always shift and change. Your style reflects not only who you are as an artist, but who you are as a person. Achieving a personal art style happens when you keep at making art. You can’t determine your art style if you only have 10 pieces to show.  A fellow creative entrepreneur Roberto Blake often mentions: You need a body of work. A large one. And once that happens, your style will develop over time.

Learn how to build your portfolio with his podcast and Create Something Awesome.


Become fluid with your expectations.

Sometimes what you want to create, and what you do create become two completely different things. Allowing yourself to become open with your expectations, your abilities, and your work will result in a happier artist. Enjoy the process of making art, embrace surprises, and get excited when something changes. One of the reasons why I use watercolor is to embrace it’s free flowing spirit and I just let it do what it wants to. When watercolor wants to pool, I’ll let it pool, if it decides to run off course and drip, well, you have to let the medium do what it wants to.

90% of the time, it’s for the better.


Keep a sketch book.

This is your safe place to do whatever you want however you want. You do not have to share this if you don’t want to. Your sketch book is your ugly art haven. The place where all your ideas no matter how “good” or “bad” come to rest, until they’re ready to be cultivated. I love to take notes on what I’m thinking of at the time, so when I look at it again, I can see how I can improve. Sketchbooks are also a way to put my brain on pause. Sometimes, I get paralyzed with the amount of ideas in my head, and I need a safe place to put it all.  Sketchbooks are the way to go!


Find others like you.

Be it online, or in person, find people that you can relate to and that you can chat with. Those that can give you critiques, or suggestions on what you can do to improve you art. Be active in these communities. If you take, make sure you give. Join local sketch and art groups! Start drawing in public, and see if you can phone a friend to join!


My best friend and I tabling at a local event!

Unplug and get the hell away.

You ever notice yourself on Instagram a little too much? Scrolling endlessly, waiting for some sort of engagement on your artwork but for some reason no one’s commented or liked anything? You become saddened by the lack of activity. You post something to wake up your followers, yet it’s the third post today. Nothing.

You’re in too deep, man. It’s time to put that phone away, go someplace outside, and draw for yourself.


So tell me, dear artist, with these tips how are you going to become a happier creative?  Do you have suggestion not mentioned here?

Let me know your first step in the comments below.


Have a PrettyKitty Kind of Day,





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