Art Inspiration is Everywhere. Yes, Even in Winter.

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​​​Being a city girl, experiencing different areas is something that I treasure the most.

I see so many cars and people and buildings that it all looks the same to me. After watching a few videos of artists exploring different areas and reading about some were able to transform a photo into a new painting, I had to do this myself.

I honestly think that expanding your visual library makes you a better artist.  Experiencing different things, environments, and even people influence your art.

That allows me to embrace a culture or my surroundings like never before. You know, unplug and be present for once.



I find myself craving greenery a lot more. Even though this area was rather snowy and dead, it was a gorgeous sight.


Even though we are in the dead of winter, after a nor’easter snow storm, there’s still beauty to behold.

And if you go out with the right mindset, you will be able to find inspiration anywhere you go.

No matter the season.

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