Wanderlust and the Stationary Artist

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​I’m a city girl.
Metropolitan areas are my jam.

But one thing that sets me apart is that as much as I love the city, as much as I love bustling people and places and transit and things, I need something a little more… Green.

Taken on my trip to New Orleans last year.

There are days that cripple me with wanderlust. There are days during my commute to work that I wish I was in Japan, or Ireland, or maybe Switzerland or Amsterdam. Literally, if I’m walking to my job and it starts downpouring, I think of how much at peace I’d be if I were on the other side of the world.

I think about how amazing my artwork would be if I had the opportunity to travel and expand my visual library, and how wonderful my work would be if I could simply be in a different area.

I look at my favorite artists on social media and I see their pictures and vlogs and travel blogs and wish that I could be like them.

Sometimes I feel like I’m battered down with responsibilities like work, or school that I don’t have the opportunity to travel as much as I would like.

I would do a mock flight see the price tag, and I close the window of the tab. Convinced that I won’t be able to do anything outside of the city that I live in.

I’m sure, dear artist that you might be feeling the same way.


It’s a mixture of hopelessness and fear.


Fear of making a huge travel mistake.


Fear of going deep into debt.

Satiate that travel lust. No Excuses.

I made time commitments. I told myself and my partner that we would be going to Ireland in 2019. My best friend and I have agreed that we will be going to Japan in 2020. They’re years off, but I did the first step and committed to something, and wrote it down. I have  a trip coming in May where I’ll be in the Caribbean. It’s so close, yet so far away…

I also have some small travel goals as well. Such as driving cross-country with my boyfriend,  or traveling to a nearby city with a family member. Just to get out of the house and out of my current city. Even if it might be something small, that one day away from the mundane can really help you out.

How do you curb this insatiable travel bug, dear artist?

Comment below, and please let me know!

Enjoy your PrettyKitty kind of Day,


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