My Upcoming Plans for 2018

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Wow. Next week will be December.
Where has the time gone??! Ugh, well, I guess time goes by fast when you’re having fun.

I wanted to share my upcoming plans for next year.

My goal as a business is to be as present offline as I am online. I have applied to a slew of conventions and events and I want to make sure that each one is a success! (Or at the very least, worth my time)

This is also a big stepping stone because I have the potential to have access to a vehicle. Which means I might be able to travel more and have a cost effective way to spread the PrettyKitty Connection with others.

I used my day off today to apply for as many art-related events as I could. Hopefully I should be receiving responses in the next few months. 🙂

My first event that I am looking to vend at next year is the Believe in Syracuse 5th Birthday Party at the end of January.
I attended the 4th Birthday party with my bestie Ashanti, and I’m not sure how this one may go.

I’ll be honest, I’m unsure if the crowd will be the art-buying crowd. I am assured there will be at least 1,200 people. But out of those 1,200, who will have the expendable cash to fork out? For art? I didn’t do too well at the event from what I remember. I was happy to split a table so costs were low. I met great people! But I didn’t make too many sales.

Last year, I had only two things for sale. My original paintings that were upwards of $120 each, and 3(?) $10 money pouches.

So I should consider that.

My plan of attack: I will have my paintings for sale, but I will be looking to stock button packs, small prints, and more.. affordable things for the average attendee at the event. Stickers, button packs, and potentially other items that will be more useful for an every-day consumer. I will most likely give out free stickers for brand awareness as well.

It just feels like the right thing to do 😉

If I don’t make enough sales to cover my costs, the next best thing is to expand my email list.
I have been getting people recognizing me or my work from social media, my business cards, or other events. So the best thing is to keep marketing my illustration and exposing others to PKC and what I have to offer.

I have been wrestling with the thought of doing this event again, and I think if I come up with a strategy to raise awareness, invite people to my email list, and keep in contact for more opportunities in the area, then I should be alright.

Check out my blog post covering last year’s event!

Until next time,

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