RetroGameCon was a BLAST!

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Wow, what a crazy weekend! I didn’t realize how much con prep took a toll on my body, especially when the last week started to roll by!

I’m honestly floored with how much love and support you all gave me. Seeing and meeting so many of you guys was humbling and I can’t wait to do this again.

I ended up making triple my table costs…Triple

I had my partner in crime with me, and wonderful neighbors around as well. It was an event to feel proud of and I am so happy that my first true tabling experience was a success.

What is my next step?

I’m planning on releasing a couple of videos and blog posts from my con prep, as well as some vlogs leading up to the big day.

I just applied to Tora-Con, so fingers and paws crossed!

My resolution for next year is to be present offline more than I am online. That means more events, more conferences, more interactive videos perhaps! I want to spread the PrettyKitty influence and make face to face connection more than anything.

Check out my Artist Alley Playlist right here:



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