How to Enjoy the Process of Making Art

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“I hate my art”.
“This is ugly”.
“I need to rush to get this done”.

Hold on there, tiger!

Artists on a deadline do have to churn out things in a remarkable amount of time, but when that becomes something that needs be done day in and day out, the joy of creating gets sucked out of you, and your project.

Here’s three words to get your groove back.

Take it Easy.

This entire mindset was inspired by my recent trip to New Orleans.



Being in the South, the pace and value of life there is so different than those from New York. I’ve never had someone ask me how I was doing there in a day compared to when I’m at home for a week. How does this connect to artwork?



Taking the time to appreciate what you like about your artwork instead of automatically shooting it down gives you the self-love and self-appreciation you need to keep moving.

If you take the time out to enjoy your process, to appreciate what parts of your work you feel you executed well, to appreciate that certain color you blended, that one thin stroke you made from your pen, that one gradient from this color to that color, you’ll be a lot better off in the future.


Did you watch that video? Wasn’t the quality complete crap? Yes, it was! But this crappy video made me realize I like being behind the camera, I like talking to you, and I know what to do in the next video to get better, quality results.

See where I’m getting at?

We have critical eyes when it comes to our art and illustrations, and we always look at the one or two flaws that are apparent in our pieces. But, even if we didn’t like the result of that piece, enjoy the creative process and be proud you made something awesome.


What do you do to enjoy the art-making process? Share it with me in the comments below!

Thanks for tuning in and please share these pictures if they spoke to you!

Until next time!


2 thoughts on “How to Enjoy the Process of Making Art

  1. I liked the vlog. Great reminder too. I used to participate in “challenges” to keep my creative juices going. I never actually entered my work in the contest that often goes along with this type of thing. I just did them to stretch my imagination and my skills a bit.

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