Sharing Value as an Illustrator

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When it comes to sharing value, I thought it would be easy to type everything I know about illustration down and share it in a blog post format. It’s not bad, don’t get me wrong, but I never thought leveraging video would be easier.

I follow a social media marketer named Amy Schmittauer (she’s seriously great, shoot her a follow!) and the event Vlog Every Day in April was going on. With my trip to New Orleans, I had packed my camera and my tripod/selfie stick anyway, so it was time to use my travels as inspiration for my message.


Why You’ll Benefit From This:

You’ll be able to see my face.

I mean, that’s benefit in of itself right? I mean, it’s not a half bad lookin’ mug if I say so myself! But because I’m not hiding from the camera, I’ll get to create and establish more of a connection with you.

Now that I’m getting used to showing off my face and my voice, I can start doing so much more in terms of content providing. I can start recording voice overs, I don’t have to be afraid if one of my legs or toes show up on camera while I’m painting! The more comfortable I am on camera, the more I can give to you. This means art tutorials, voice overs, more speed-paints, later on webinars, podcasts, I don’t know. The possibilities are endless!

Why I’ll Benefit From This:

Summertime is coming very soon. This means our customer base at my full time job will be going back home and our location will be much slower. This means less hours. Less hours is wonderful! But I’ll be mostly at home sitting behind my computer, bored, making less money, while figuring out what to do next. Illustrators kind of don’t get out much. So I can use this time to go outdoors, take a walk, and get some much needed fresh air.

I hope you’ll enjoy these vlogs and I’ll keep doing them so long as they’re valuable to you. I’ll cover any art topic that may cross your mind, so if you want to pick my brain, so be it. ?

In order to get more ideas on what to vlog about, please take two seconds to answer this question for me, What is your biggest struggle with art? This is all inclusive by the way. You can be an artist, an art buyer, art appreciator, or a hobbyist. Let me know in the comments below, and you just might see me tackle your topic!

Thanks for tuning in!

Until next time!


2 thoughts on “Sharing Value as an Illustrator

  1. Ashanti B. says:

    My biggest struggle(s) with art are sharing my art with others and giving myself permission to tell people I am an artist. I have issues with making art everyday or on a schedule because I am afraid of people judging me for what I make. I also have trouble enjoying the actual process of making art because I worry about what other people will say. Also I feel my skills aren’t good enough to produce the work I envision. So, in the end I try to make something someone else will like and it just ends in a mess! Then I run off to the computer to drown out my frustrations by seeing what other artists are doing. Another problem I have is the internet I sit down and spend way to much time on social media, youtube, facebook, twitter. I admire artists that take the plunge and post their art (whether it’s finished or not) everyday on social media. I want that for myself I want to produce a butt ton of finished paintings, drawings, in-progress work, sketches, etc… I want to grow a business/sustainable income as an artist! I don’t want to work a day job everyday or every few days. I want my job and life to be about art! and traveling. I see my dreams so clearly but, making them come true is the struggle. I wouldn’t call myself a happy person because a lot of the time I am miserable. Yes, I can experience happiness but, in my current situation it’s a challenge to let myself be happy. I want to make my dreams happen so badly, I probably believe that my happiness will come from dreams that haven’t even happened yet. I have to sacrifice those distractions in order to gain the life I want. But, I tell myself to put it off til the next day. I’m tired of this shit. I am sorry if this is too heavy for your comments section.

    • Too heavy for my comments section? Pssh, not at all. I enjoy these types of comments because I get ideas on what challenges to tackle next. It’s always a back and forth with getting motivation and procrastinating on projects for our art businesses. Just like you have your blocks and hurdles that hold you back from your goals, so do I, and many other artists. From the beginners to the professionals. This is why I want to do the Outdoor Art Vlogs, so I can help others out while helping myself as I move forward in this venture.

      I really appreciate you taking the time to comment on my page Ashanti. Your comment alone gave me so many ideas on where to go next, I can’t wait to make more videos on what I struggle with, and what I’ve seen others do to combat those struggles! <3

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