How Travel Can Affect Your Artwork

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As an illustrator, I’ve been stuck in a rut for a while. My full time job had been taking a lot out of me, and I didn’t have much of a chance to get out. But when I did go out, I felt refreshed, renewed, and I’d kick myself in the butt on why I didn’t get out to begin with.
Thus, my recent escapades.


My family and I took a trip to New Orleans in April, and man it was exciting. The chance to spend that mommy-sissy-daughter time in an area that was warm, sunny, and colorful was everything we needed to rejuvenate and operate at a different pace. Especially me. Right now, we’re in the last hurdle of winter with spring trying all it’s might to break out.

Our trees are dry, our grass is dead, and it’s nowhere near inspiring.

Going to New Orleans and seeing the sun in bright blue sky, the towering palm-like trees and the intense amount of greenery was overwhelming on the eyes! It’s beautiful down there! I decided to use this opportunity, the streets of NOLA, and the wonderful weather to inspire me to talk about some topics that mattered to me. Such as how travel can affect your artwork.

Your experiences while you travel are unique to you. Don’t forget that. When those experiences fuel your artwork, you allow for better results.

Remember, a client is not just buying your artwork, they’re buying into you.




Your artwork may define you, but those experiences tied to your art enrich and create more value to what you do.


If you feel like travel is out of the question right now, then I have 4 more tips on how to break that artist rut.

Thanks for tuning in! Please share these quotes if they speak to you!

Until next time!


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