Believe in Syracuse Recap

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On January 29th, an event called Believe in Syracuse’s 4th Birthday Party was hosted. Held by a group who wants nothing but innovative business and economic growth for the city of Syracuse. With that being said, they gave out opportunities to network and meet other locals in the area! Who knows? Maybe I had something of value to someone, and someone else had something of value to me! The beauty of networking. I had my best friend with me and the boyfriend for emotional support. I’m so happy I didn’t do it alone.  I’m glad to have spent my first time tabling with her. And I’m so happy to have kept them company!




There were countless visitors who stopped by, who chatted with Ashanti and I, took business cards, and signed up for my email list! Ashanti was a beast at engaging guests. Get it girl~

A small yet mighty artist stopped over and wanted to show off his skills! Ashanti hastily handed him paper and her prized brush pen and he got to work. You should have seen how careful and steady his hand was while drawing. That’s some raw skill there. He started gathering a crowd!


Ashanti had been commissioned throughout the night to draw people in their superhero persona. This lovely lady in particular was extremely happy!


You should definitely check out Ashanti’s work.

It was a nice venue to promote my work, but not necessarily to sell it.  Was that $65 worth it for the table? In some cases, maybe so. You can’t put a price on opportunity. Let’s hope those networking skills paid off. Was $65 worth the experience? Definitely so. Meeting new people and connecting with other artists and locals in the community was a rewarding experience. Especially for our first time.

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