Achieving Vibrant Results in Watercolor

*Reading Time: < 1 minute*


A lot of watercolor pieces I’ve seen are light, airy, and beautifully crafted. Most of the time, with slight transitions of pigment diluted with water. My approach is slightly different.

Here’s one simple way to get that POP you might be looking for.

With plenty of my pieces, I work in layers. But my layers continue to build up until I have a heavy amount of paint spreading on my surface. It’s just the way I do things. Bold n’ bright. Layering color is the easiest way you can get vibrant results in watercolor. Be it laying down washes, or going in for detail. It’s as simple as that!

I decided to try out video recording a bit of my painting process and seeing what I could produce.

If you’re interested in seeing more videos, please comment below and let me know that you want to see more! I wont know unless you tell me!

Until next time!


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