? Merry Christmas! ?

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Hey all! Merry Christmahanukkwanzakkah! And to my Japanese friends パγƒͺγƒΌγ‚―γƒͺγ‚Ήγƒžγ‚Ή!!! I’m relaxing with the family but still doing what I love most, drawing.Β  I have some awesome plans for the upcoming new year, so please stay tuned!

I’m sure kids have already opened their gifts already, but our family likes to open them late. For me, I’m totally cool with it! I love maintaining the surprise!

Like, I freaking love surprises.

I have a gift for you as well though! I have an eBook going through my painting process! If you’ve ever wanted to know how I work from blank to finished, this gift is for you!

{You can check it out here!}

But most of all, relax, drink some drinks, enjoy your day and have a wonderful holiday!
Stay festive!


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