Small Business Saturday ?

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While many a-Black Friday deals are still happening (and some coming to a close), I’d love to throw out that Small Business Saturday is definitely a thing! Showing support to the local businesses in your area can always circulate funds back in your economy! Also, you can find some hidden gems of a service or business you’ve never heard of.

There’s this small business night market that’s happening downtown in my city tonight, and I’m excited to go and meet people! It’s a super cute and classy event with tickets being 6 bucks. I’m definitely heading over there! I… also have a tendency to chat it up with vendors wherever I go. Be it convention or craft show. Hey now! I need my social interaction. (Illustration’s a lonely job)

With that being said, since… I am a small business, I’m also going to shamelessly plug my commissions being open and I would love to create something beautiful for you. By the way, I’ve been having a lot of fun creating banners with my work. Such as the one below. (It’s clickable!)

If you’re interested, please do not hesitate to contact me! I don’t bite~ And if you’d like to share this post, please do so!

Please enjoy your Saturday, and buy local! <3



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