Illustration’s a Party!

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When I work on artwork, I love listening to podcasts, especially relating to the business of illustration and comics. My favorite art podcast to this date is called Big Illustration Party Time and it covers the realities of  freelance illustration. Hosted by professional Illustrators Kevin Cross and Joshua Kemble.

You can check out Kevin’s work here:

And you can check out Josh’s work here:


They have really, really great content. And even though the podcast is 3 years old, everything they’ve said has been relevant to this day. For a realistic look into the struggles and victories of the life of a freelancer, check it out. They talk about their work weeks, their personal projects, the ones they’re contributing to and so much more.  Listening to these two while I worked gave me confidence, ideas, and insight on what my future would entail should I choose the life of a freelancer.

Again, check them out.

Do you have any podcasts you tune into? What else do you like to listen to while working?

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