5 Ways to Ace National Portfolio Day

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For all those students out there wanting to get into art school, there is one of the many ways to get closer to the institution of your dreams, and that is National Portfolio Day.

What is this event?

Well, National Portfolio day is an event where countless of representatives from Art Schools come into a space to review your artwork and tell you what you need in order get accepted into the school of your choice. I heard about this event three days prior to the date and got sick two days prior. Not only that, I also am trying to get my voice back from said sickness. But that’s a whole ‘nother can of worms.


The opposite end of the people waiting to be lined up. We were the first 30 students to be reviewed. Tip 1. Get there early!

Now, I am in a point in my life where I’m not 100% sure where my artwork stands when it comes to prestigious art schools. So at the time of writing this, I’ll be honest, I’m pretty afraid of going. I’m afraid of whatever these professionals have to say about my work. I’m not sure how I measure up to the next undergrad at my level. I also wasn’t sure what to expect at the event either. I’ve never went to such a thing and I have no clue on what to do or how to prepare. I don’t even know if my artwork is good! Would they look at my work and laugh? Do I… sound like someone you know? Perhaps… you?

As the day progressed, more and more people pooled in. The line got longer and longer.

We all feel fear, and we all doubt ourselves. In our artwork and in our lives. We all have things that put us back. But I said screw it, I’m just going to go, fears and all.

So, if you have plans to go to National Portfolio Day in your area, remember these things.

  • Be afraid. It’s okay! but don’t let that stop you.
  • Bring a friend! Especially if they’re an artist friend. Anyone who’s with you for moral support may make you feel much better.
  • Bring a parent! If you’re younger, mom, dad, or guardian is also great moral support. They can also ask great questions you may not think of.
  • Take notes and ask questions. These people are taking time out of their lives and schedules to pay attention to you. Take everything you can out of it.
  • Have fun, and reward yourself. After the big day, I’m treated myself to some bubble tea for facing my fear. And then resting to fight off the rest of this cold.
This is a great opportunity to get critique in what you need to have a portfolio the school is looking for. These -are- professors and portfolio reviewers. They’ll tell you like it is.

I don’t think I mentioned, this thing is free. Yep! FREE. So you get to have valuable information given to you on how to improve as an artist in exchange for your time.

For more information on this fantastic event, visit their website.

And for a video that gives you a little more insight on what this thing is about, you’ll need to watch this.

Remember, this is for your future. You got this, and keep at it!

Have any portfolio review stories? Comment below! I’d love to hear them!







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