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Tea Partyhalf

This was a personal project that kept growing, and growing, and growing in size. Just like the big blue guy on the left here! I can’t even count how many hours was spent making this, but I can say it was worth it. This is one of the projects that made me lose a bit of momentum, but every time that happens, it’s always best to push through. Never be afraid of change, or going in a different direction than intended. You never know what may happen!


This image was made with Paint Tool Sai, and later finished with Clip Studio Paint. Midway into creation, I bought a new laptop and a new program and that opened my eyes. The color specs of my old laptop were pretty dull compared to my new one, and the sheer screen size of it doesn’t compare to my new computer. But they both did an amazing job with sticking with me. Here’s a couple of close up shots.

Tea Party close up otter
I was -not- inspired by beautiful Disney princess gowns at all! Nope! Not one bit!



Tea Partycloseup3

My biggest challenges with this piece was making the interior cohesive, learning a new program, and learning to operate a new computer (and Operating System) It was also interesting to limit my color palette and experiment with that as well.

With each piece I create, I learn a little bit more.
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