Cerulean Comfort

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As the amount of work that needs to be done has trickled down, I’ve took it upon myself to make my own project. A series of painting depicting vixens. This was my way to express whatever ideas came to mind at any point in time, and with no need to spend days or weeks at a time finalizing an image, I stuck with a smaller sizes for the body of work.

So let’s get started!

I sketched right on my Pastelbord with graphite, working, reworking, and re-reworking my ideas. There is a definite con to that, however. Pastelbord has a very sandy textured surface, so it grabs a strong hold of charcoal, graphite, and pastel. With that being said, graphite is difficult to erase completely. Once that was figured out, I had to make adjustments on my material choice.

After everything was as solid as it can be, I inked over it with Micron inks, playing around with line weight for variation. I decided to use ink instead of painting directly over it, because the watercolor would show the pencil marks no matter how much I erased. My original intent was to use only colored pencil, but I opted for watercolor instead.

I cracked open my Reeves watercolor set, and got to painting.

My first application was a light wash of Phthalo Blue mixed with white. I then began to apply more and more layers to my shadows, beefing up our scaly guy and making him more three-dimensional.


After those layers were semi-dry, I began laying pure pigments of Phthalo diluted with water, building up those layers. Layering some more color in, I added some violet to my darkest shadows and began painting in the scales. The big guy was eventually finished, and I tackled his fluffy companion.


Using the same methods as before, I worked on the vixen, layering yellows, oranges, and browns for her fur and dress. Once everything was dried, I went over with colored pencil to sharpen some details, enhance textures and add additional coloring to the overall image.

And voila, we are done!

Cerulean Comfortsmall
Watercolor, ink, and colored pencil on 5x7in Pastelbord

This was such a pleasure to work on. I can’t wait to submit more!



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