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During a period of time I was experiencing an art funk. I had created so much that I became burnt out and needed a break. Once that break ended, I had a surge of creativity and I needed to get something out. This was it. Featured here is my fursona Meow, sitting atop a fallen trunk deep in a flora-lush forest. The inspiration here was due to the countless of worlds and video game environments that I’ve explored. I wanted to try my hand at a forest-like world, yet something that isn’t depicted every day. Color scheme was another thing experimented with. I love trying and testing colors to make it fit into the world I’m creating.


Sometimes, being a commission artist means that you won’t have as much free time to work on your own characters as you’d like. Especially if there’s an ever revolving queue of clients. There may be times when you do have that spare moment to work on something for yourself and when that opportunity strikes, seize it.

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