As Sweet As…

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I didn’t realize it as a kid, but now that I’m older there is something so…pure and adorable about Winnie the Pooh. Maybe it’s the fact that it plays to a child’s imagination of their toys coming to life like the “Toy Story” series, and the much darker novel “Stuff of Legend”.


5×7 Prismacolor colored pencil on Pastelbord

I’ve been playing around with a surface called Pastelbord made by Ampersand and it can really take some pigment! The sanded surface grabs hold of the colored pencil like no tomorrow, however each mark made will be stark. It’s a little more unforgiving, but I like that. Of course with any textured surface, the colored pencil is a bit harder to blend, making those white specs appear harsher when artwork is photographed. I like the small size and portability of the 5×7 inch boards. I think these are great for a little splash of color on desks or in cubicles.


Man, every time I see work of Pooh and his friends exploring the Hundred Acre Wood, I can’t help but feel entranced and thrown right back to my childhood.

It’s a pretty great feeling.


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