I have an obsession with color, and whimsy, gives me a primary focus on anthropomorphic animal illustrations. My job is to turn ideas into a visual reality. My pieces are executed with both digital media and traditional media. From watercolor, to acrylic to colored pencil, my technique varies! For my digital pieces every tuft of fur is painted stoke by stroke while my watercolor pieces are done with multitudes of layers to create vibrant results. My goal is to provide euphoria, whimsy and a visual escape from reality with each piece I create.

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Featured Piece – “Fae”


This watercolor painting aided me to conquer one of my biggest fears as an artist… Texture. Not only was I able to beat this fear, but working on this painting allowed me to focus on color in ways I have never done so before. This piece has opened doors for me to continue working with texture to give a sense of dimensionality to my future works. Let’s just say, this painting means a lot to me. Glazing my finger on the surface of the tree trunk and branches encourages exploration between the crevices, nooks, and crannies throughout the painting. I would love for you to do the same.

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