Traditional Paintings

When I choose to work in traditional media, Watercolor, acrylic and colored pencils are my go-to materials. In recent artistic endeavors, I have been focusing on watercolor on canvas. Taking advantage of each medium’s strengths and using those strengths to enhance my work is half of the fun! The other half is giving my medium the freedom it deserves. Especially with watercolor. Unlike traditional watercolorists, my style is bold. I layer color after color to enhance the rich hues and saturate my surface with pigment. I love using pairs and sets of colors to create visual dynamism and harmony.

To see the specifics of my materials check out  my master materials list!


My Artistic Process

I teach and give artistic advice on my Youtube channel. I upload artist vlogs, tutorials, speedpaints and chats called #PrettyKittyConversations, and I share my struggles as an artist. Give it a look if you’re interested in learning more on my process.