Master Materials List

This is a master list of all my materials I use on every project of mine broken down by medium. For transparency’s sake, all links on this page are Amazon affiliate links. There’s no extra cost to you, but should you choose to buy through these links, I’ll earn a small cut. This allows me to buy more materials and fund more paintings!


Paints (thanks, Sis) <3
Qor Watercolor Tube Paints

My favorite paint set. These are extremely vibrant, and because they come from a tube, I can manipulate the intensity of each color.

Koi Watercolor Paints 
Caran D’ache Watercolor Pencils

Special Effects
Qor Watercolor Ground 
Qor Light Dimensional Ground 
Dr. PH Martin’s Gold ink 

I love this ink so much. Everything that this ink touches becomes instantly more gorgeous. Great to mix in with paints as well.

Waterproof when dry, and extremely shimmery, I wish I bought this sooner.


Princeton Neptune
Oval Wash 
Mottler Wash 

Princeton Select
Black Mop 
Pointed Filbert 

Windsor Newton Series 7 gift set (thanks sis <3)

These are thirsty and beautifully crafted brushes. I break these out with every paint-related project.




Reeves Acrylic Paints 
A perfect beginner set of acrylics for those who are new to painting or new to the medium.

Grumbacher Acrylic Paints


Clip Studio Paint Pro 
My go-to painting program for all of my digital illustrations.

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