About Me

Hi there! It's a pleasure to have you drop by! Allow me to introduce myself! My name is Melquea and I am anillustrator with a deep passion for all things creative!

Besides illustrating, my hobbies include cosplaying, attending fan conventions and art shows, making people laugh, and traveling. In terms of travel, I adore everything Japan, from the language to the culture. So much so, that I taught myself how to read and write Japanese!
I was born and raised on Nintendo and I adore everything whimsical and adventurous.

I draw inspiration from my surroundings, that random conversation I happen to have heard in a quiet coffee shop, a book that just happens to be in my hands at the right time, movies,  kids literature,  videogames, and other artists. With all of these triggers, they fuel me to be the best creative person I can be, so that in the future I can provide the same inspiration that I experienced as a child into adulthood.

My Artwork

My subject matter mostly focuses on anthropomorphic animals in a bright array of colors, situations, and environments. They range from everyday life to fantastical elements. From otter girls having tea parties with their giant dragon friend to a wolf enjoying her piping hot beverage on a frigid winter morning. My goal is to provide euphoria, whimsy and a visual escape from reality with each piece I create. Every piece has a story behind it, and I love sharing those stories with people.

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