It’s Time to Blog More.

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I stumbled on this blog of a fellow artist from Sweden and for some reason I’ve gotten hooked.

With a long car ride yesterday, I decided to binge-read her content. After reading her blogs, from the crippling feelings of self doubt, to reading about her finding inspiration from unknown places, I started to deeply relate to her.  Once I saw how many posts there were to consume, and how personal she was, the more addicting her blogs became.

Her work was already phenomenal to begin with, but seeing that piece of her, the human side, made her work that much better.

Have you ever felt the need to get to know an artist more? See what’s going on in their head, perhaps while they create? Before they create? After they’ve done so?

I have.

There’s plenty of artists I want to get to know personally. Seeing what sparks their imagination is fascinating to me.  I don’t know if anyone feels that way about me or my work, but I want to provide that regardless of the interest.

I think I need a place to journal my thoughts as an artist as well as a human. As much as I like giving tips and helping people work with clients,, they’re needs to be something more personable.

Being able to read Andrea’s blog and getting to know her through her posts was exciting. I was smiling my entire car ride. It was like having a conversation, without ever physically speaking.

You know, my last post was December of 2017. I’m going to start blogging more, even though they’re might not be things to learn about or things that have a huge take away. Perhaps weekly musings, or thoughts…I just want you to get to know me.

Behind PrettyKitty.

I don’t know how often I’ll be doing these blogs, I want to make it weekly, or if I have a lot to say, twice a week. However, the hardest task is starting, and I’m initiating the first step.

If you want me to talk about anything specific, please suggest them below. 

Have a PrettyKitty kind of day,


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